Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Nicholas and I continued our Easter tradition of going to church and then brunch! We tried brunch at the Table in Willow Glen and it was delicious.... the Easter bunny brought me eggs benedict and a bloody mary! Yummmmyy.

Happy Easter y'all!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Skiing in Tahoe

I hadn't been to Tahoe since we went last year with friends 
(and it was ELEVEN years since I had skied before then!)... 

and guess what?!...

I went skiing last week, and I did a black diamond run! 

It was exhilarating and terrifying all in one. 
And, a very proud accomplishment for this novice skier! 

Let me back up a bit... 
last week, our entire HR department went up to Tahoe for a work offsite. 
It was a quick trip.
We drove up on Wednesday and came back Friday afternoon. 

It was great to get out of the office with the team for a couple of days. 

And, thankfully we didn't do any of those cheesy "trust fall"-type team building activities... 
we did ski, dance, gamble and laugh together! 
(Not that I thought we would do any of that cheesy stuff... our team just isn't like that.)

The weather definitely felt more like Spring Break than a ski trip! 
By lunchtime, my ski coat (that I got at Rummage Sale) was off,
 and I was just wearing a fleece and tank top.

After lunch, we sat in the sun and I peeled off another layer and just sat it my tank top. 
I usually run cold, so for me to be sitting there in a tank top - you know it was warm! 

I just love Spring Skiing!

After a day of skiing, we had a big team dinner at Stateline Brewery...

Then we went to an Irish Pub across the street... 

and had a lot of fun dancing and being silly and winning raffle prizes from the bar.

Then those of us that felt lucky spent some time at the casino. 
I love playing blackjack and ended up leaving richer than when I started playing - cha-ching!
Such, such a fun trip.

(And, now I want to get a season pass for next year! Eek!)

Just one last selfie in my pretty new ski coat...


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hi, Spring!

Spring has sprung in California!

Happy Spring! How is it almost Easter? How it is almost April? I have not posted since Valentine's day... shame on me! Nicholas and I have been loving the extra hour of sunlight after work... when we can, we've been sitting outside, gardening, grilling dinner on the back porch, which means by the time we come in and do dishes, there isn't any time to blog! And, we've both been busy with work and Today's Young Professional (him) and Junior League (me) meetings. But, I have lots to catch y'all up on... concerts, a trip to Napa, a trip to Tahoe, a trip to five different countries in 9 days and lots in between. I'll be busy this weekend making sure that I get this thing up-to-date.

Just wanted to pop in to say we're still here and happy first day of spring!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rummage Sale 2013.

From Preview Party. It was a "Hollywood" theme... 

Just a quick picture from this year's Rummage Sale Preview Party by the Junior League of San Jose. Every other year, we have a HUGE "garage" sale (in the County Fairgrounds Expo Hall) where all the members donate items to sell for very, very inexpensive prices in the community. We then use the proceeds to help in the community! Over the course of 2 days, I volunteered for 15 hours! It was a busy couple of days for me, but it came together nicely and I even benefitted... The night before the sale opens to the community, we have a big Preview Party with silent auction, etc. JLSJ Members are able to have first dibs on all the sales items (for double the price) and I found the perfect ski coat for my upcoming trip to Tahoe! Score! And, I even won one of the Silent Auction prizes I bid on! :)

Too bad I didn't take any pictures on the actual Sale Day... but here's a video from the last Rummage Sale that sums it up pretty well: