Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trivia Challenge 2013

Whew! What a weekend! After 6 months of planning, the Junior League of San Jose hosted our 6th Annual Silicon Valley Trivia Challenge last night. I was on the committee that planned and executed the event and it was so fulfilling to see it all come together yesterday. There were probably 347 emails that circulated this last week alone with final details and it was all worth it because the event was SO MUCH FUN! (I hope all the guests thought it was as awesome as I did.)

The event is a fundraiser that consists of a Donation Drawing (raffle), Silent Auction, dinner and then TRIVIA! We had 40 teams of 4 people each compete to win the Trivia Challenge. The teams also participate in a costume contest... so there is plenty to see and learn during TC. With spectators, I think we had almost 400 in attendance!

The day started for the committee and I at 10am.... lucky for me, I had a very special helper:

I owe him BIG TIME. He set up 40 chairs in the same amount of time it took 4 girls to set up 20! He also ran errands for me... picking up donated desserts from Jen's Cakes and bringing me lunch!

I was on a 2 person team that planned all the rentals, food, drinks and decor. We hired Catered Too as our caterer and they were AMAZING. I would highly recommend their services.

After set up and ready for the doors to open at 5:30p! 

I found those adorable light bulbs online and we filled them with yellow and blue M&Ms to add to the floral centerpieces.

One of three bars for the evening.

Due to theater rules, we could only serve beverages in cups with lids... so every guest received a special JLSJ sippy cup!

Everyone enjoying the food and the gorgeous evening!

The teams competing all sat on stage. 

We projected the questions on the back screen and also have 80 inch monitors in the wings backstage so everyone could see the questions and answers.

My dear friend Alyssa... her team was "Gaga for Trivia" and they all dressed up as Lady Gaga. Hilarious!

 Her company, Nature Box, was a sponsor!! Thank you, Alyssa!!

The group that made it all possible... My committee!

This was a wonderful event, but it was A LOT of work to put it on. 
I'm glad its over and next time, I want to be on a team again!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Goodbye, October. Hello, November!

On October 1st, I created a checklist of festive things to do in October to celebrate the season! Happy to report we  checked all the boxes and had so much fun along the way. (Carving pumpkins was our favorite!)

I am ready for November! It's hard to believe its already here though. Where has the year gone? I'll probably make another checklist so we take advantage if the month. Please don't judge if 'pumpkin pie' is a repeat!!