Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting Lost

I was home sick with a cold  for a couple of days earlier this month and needed something to pass the day, so I turned to Netflix. Hmmm... what have I not seen....

... and now I AM HOOKED.

I know Lost was so 10 years ago. But, it sucked me right in and now Nicholas is addicted, too. That makes for a very unproductive couple. It means in the evening, instead of blogging, we're either at the gym (at least that's a positive thing!) or watching Lost. We just started Season 4 of 6. The bummer is I have no one at work (other that Nick, of course) to talk to about what happened because its so old!

Now, when Scandal comes back on at the end of February, I am going to have a hard time finding time to fit in all of my TV shows.

I really should have made a New Year's resolution to watch less TV, but since I never got around to writing those, I guess I'm in the clear until next year.. hehe.


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Oh man, get ready to fall down the rabbit hole, LOST is addicting, especially the first 1-2 seasons.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I use to love Lost! I thought it got a little weird near the last few seasons though! I love love love Scandal! I can't wait for that show to come back on.