Sunday, October 12, 2014

Six Months in Denver

Wow, times flies! I can't believe we've been in Denver for 6 months already. I just uploaded a massive amount of pictures and will try to sum up the last 6 months!


We spent our last weekend in California celebrating my birthday in Santa Barbara! The next week, the movers packed up the house and shipped our stuff off to Denver (and it would be a full 65 days before it was delivered!). We drove from San Jose to Denver in 4 days with a 2 night stop in Salt Lake City, UT.

We moved into a temporary/furnished townhouse I found on - it was great for a couple months. Cricket had her work cut out for her with the stairs!

Although I wasn't sure of the plan for my job when we moved, I ended up staying on with Stryker full-time and am loving my new role. Nick and I work in much closer proximity now, but I love it! We often take little breaks and walk to Starbucks to grab an afternoon pick-me-up and I love our time together during the day!

{Cherry Creek - the neighborhood where our office is}

Lots of house shopping... the market in Denver was absolutely crazy. Not as expensive as San Jose, but similar in the fact that every house we bid on had multiple offers over asking price within 1 day of being on the market. After coming in 2nd place on three different houses, we finally were under contract!

We also went on our first Colorado camping trip in Buena Vista! It was fun, but we got rained out (and our tent wasn't waterproof!) so one night "roughin' it" was enough!

This summer we also saw lots of wild weather including snow on Mother's Day and lots of random hail.
{Lots of hail!}


Our house buying experience was anything but easy. The seller was a crazy older women who kept missing deadlines and changing her mind on things she had already agreed to in the contract. We really weren't sure if we were going to actually close on the house until the day we closed! It was super stressful because our things were in storage, we were paying a daily storage fee and our short-term lease was up, so we needed to get into a house!

We finally closed on June 20th and then we really had our work cut out for us!

But first, we took a quick trip to Texas to celebrate Patrick and Daphne's wedding and spend time with Dave and Justine - such a fun summer weekend in Dallas and Conroe.
{black attire requested for the wedding reception}


Unlike other Fourth of July weekends, we spent this year with trips to Home Depot and lots of sanding, patching, priming and painting. The rest of our summer (and fall!) consists of lots of home improvement projects. What were we thinking?! My next house is going to be move-in ready!

{This is the "before" of the living room... still need to take "afters." We're not finished yet, but it already looks much better!}

{I'm drinking a mimosas and taking pics while Nick's is painting... typical}

One of my favorite "Colorado" experiences so far: Yoga on the Rocks at Red Rocks.

We spent time with friends for a Baby Shower/Farewell Party for some new friends that are moving back to Texas. This whole month is a blur - lots of working on the house, hiking, trying new restaurants, and working! I transferred to the Junior League of Denver and have been busy with lots of meetings and socials. I'm in the "Transfer Group" - a group of about 40-50 women who have transferred into the Denver league from other leagues within the last few months. It been awesome exploring the city with these ladies.


On September 5th, we celebrated our 4th anniversary with a trip to the mountains - Beaver Creek and Vail. It was absolutely gorgeous and such a perfect, relaxing weekend. We ate really good food, explored Vail, went fly fishing and spent every evening in the infinity hot tub that overlooked the Eagle River.

Over the course of the summer, we also went to a handful of Rockies games (which are so much fun!).


And here we are in October! The weather is changing and the trees are gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow. It definitely feels like fall. Pumpkin everything (including Cricket!) and football and brisk weather! I love it!

Well, that's the last 6 months in a nutshell! I missed a lot of things in this quick recap but overall, Cricket is so much fun, we are loving our new city, and being a homeowner is A LOT of work!