Monday, January 5, 2015

Finding out about Baby Mead

Before I forget about all of the amazing details of my pregnancy, I better journal them here!

First things first, finding out!

Nick and I always knew we wanted to have kids. We talked about it a lot after our first year of marriage and had it all planned out. We wanted at least 3, all 1.5 to 2 years apart... etc. etc.

Well, it turns out God had different plans and it took us almost three years of trying naturally and then fertility treatments to finally get that good news - we're pregnant!

We ended up trying IVF to conceive our little miracle. (I was really bad at documenting our IVF journey, but this video sums it up pretty well!) After lots of Doctor's appointments and medicine and blood draws, we finally got to the day where my blood test would tell us whether or not our little embryo decided to stick around and grow into a baby! With previous blood tests, I'd have my blood drawn first thing in the morning and then my nurse would call me around 3pm with the results.

So on the day when we'd be getting THE news, we decided to have a long leisurely brunch after my appointment to pass the time and keep us occupied. We had a delicious brunch at Jelly in Cap Hill and on the way home, my phone started ringing! OMG, it was the Doctor's office! But, it was only 11:00am, and they normally didn't call for several more hours!! Cue panic in the passenger seat of the car... I can't answer it!!

I wasn't ready to pick it up, so we let it go to voicemail.

Nick and I got home, took Cricket out for bit, came back inside and sat on the couch. We took a deep breath, held hands, and I played the voicemail from the nurse on speakerphone. We could immediately tell from the nurse's tone, even when she just said "Hi Lacey," that she had good news! Sure enough, the blood results were in and I was pregnant! We hugged and mostly just stared at each other and had this conversation about 5 times... Can you believe it? No, can you? Oh my gosh, I'm actually pregnant!

The next few weeks were so surreal. I still didn't feel pregnant. I really had no motherly instinct that early (or even for a few more weeks) that told me I was pregnant. It didn't feel different at all. Two weeks after that phone call (at about 6 weeks pregnant), I took a home pregnancy test just so I could see the results... yep, I'm pregnant! It's silly to say, but after seeing the test, it finally started to feel REAL. After all the waiting and trying and disappointments, we finally got the news we wanted!

We have a baby on the way, and we couldn't be happier!


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I am so, so happy for you! Looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy journey :) Motherhood is the best, you will be amazing!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How exciting!!! Congrats!