Sunday, February 15, 2015

Baby Mead: Halfway There!

How far along: 20 weeks - halfway through this pregnancy!

Baby's Size: Baby is the size of a banana! About 7 inches long and 13 ounces. Baby measured just a few days bigger than expected at our last appointment.

Weight gain:  12 pounds total, but it fluctuates daily based on what I eat :) 

Food Cravings/Aversions: This week, I've been craving avocados, chips and queso, smoothies, popcorn with M&Ms, and carbonated beverages!

Appointments: We had our 20 week appointment on Tuesday and Baby Mead is just perfect. We are so thankful for that! We were able to watch the ultrasound on a large flat screen TV, so during parts of the ultrasound the technician told us to close our eyes so we didn't accidentally see something we didn't want to see (whether baby's a boy or girl!). But, we did see the cutest little feet and a darling profile!

Nick thinks the baby has his lips and my nose!

Maternity clothes: I visited a maternity clothing store earlier this week hoping to find a pair of pants I liked and ended up leaving with 2 dresses, 4 pairs of jeans, leggings and 2 tops!!! I think I'm set for a little while! 

Sleep: Still great. I wake up about once per night, but am able to go right back to sleep.

Gender: Still a surprise! But, just for fun, based on Old Wives' Tales...

  • Chinese Gender Predictor: Girl
  • Linea Nigra: Just barely starting to show, but it is above and below my belly button... Boy
  • Dry Skin: Yes... Boy
  • Heart rate: 137 at 20 week appt... Boy
  • Hair: I'd like to think I've been having good hair days... Boy
  • Numbers: Age at time of conception + Month of conception = Even number... Boy
  • Numbers 2: Age at time of conception and Month of conception are both even... Girl
  • Morning sickness: Girl
  • Complexion; Boy
  • Sleep position: Right side preferred... Girl
  • Graceful or clumsy: Slightly more clumsy... Boy

So that's 4 for girl and 7 for boy... sounds like we should plan for a mini-Nicholas!

Movement: These little baby kicks never get old! Nick and I will sit on the couch with his hand on my belly waiting to feel the little kicks... each time is just as exciting as the last!

Symptoms: Still feeling great. I've noticed that my back has been feeling a little tight lately... perhaps I'll just have to book a pre-natal massage soon!

Best moment this week: We are so, so thankful for a healthy baby and that we've received nothing but good news from the doctor! Experiencing infertility (at least for me) has made me feel like I'm not exempt or immune from all the things that could go wrong with a pregnancy. So each time we hear good news, we are just so happy and feel so blessed.

Nursery: We purchased one of the first things for the nursery... crib sheets! We found the cutest green gingham sheets from Pottery Barn, and those helped us to narrow down the paint color to Celery Sprig by Behr! It's all coming together now!

Here's one of the crib sheets:

And, here's a random pic I found online (here) of the paint color we chose, although of course it looks a little different in our room with our lighting:

Mood: Energetic, happy, and maybe a little fiesty! :)

Looking forward to: Continuing to put the nursery together, taking a tour of one of the two hospitals we're considering for delivery, and getting signed up for our birth classes!

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Emily said...

I'm back to reading blogs again and I'm so glad you're documenting your pregnancy! Love that y'all are Team Green - so fun! Thanks so much for sharing your story.