Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Babymoon in Vieques, Puerto Rico {April 2015}

Nick and I love to travel and explore new places together. Knowing that a little one would completely rock our world (in the best possible way!) and that we probably wouldn't be doing much traveling just the two of us after Baby Mead arrived, we decided to plan a little babymoon escape. I knew that I wanted to go somewhere warm with a beach/pool because it's so much easier to relax and just take it easy, compared to visiting a city where you want to sight see.

We toyed with the idea of going back to Maui (where we honeymooned), but flights from Denver are long and expensive! I ended up coming across the W Hotel in Vieques and I had vaguely heard of the little Puerto Rican island from the Bachelor (Ben's season, I think!) and it looked perfect.

In April, when I was 29/30 weeks pregnant, we flew into San Juan, Puerto Rico and had a quick 20 minute flight from San Juan in a tiny Cessna over to the island of Vieques.  Normally, I try to plan out restaurants and what all we want to see and do ahead of time, but we had a different agenda this time around. Other than reading pregnancy books and drinking virgin pina coladas, I didn't have ANY plans!

We lounged by the pool, had the beach to ourselves, went kayaking and ate lots of delicious food! I was surprised at how phenomenal the food was for such a small island! El Quenepo and Next Course were my two favorite restaurants! Our hotel was amazing and we had a great room on the ground floor right by the pool. 

The one adventurous thing we did, which was so worth it, was kayaking at night in a bio-luminescent bay. Microorganisms in the water lit up when touched... it was as if we had a light under our kayak and with each paddle the water glowed! We couldn't have picked a more perfect night to do it either; it was a new moon and completely dark other than the glowing water. We didn't take our camera kayaking, but I found this pic online. This is exactly what it looked like...

It was gorgeous!

We also did yoga several mornings overlooking the sea and the bartenders made me the most refreshing watermelon virgin cocktail. We were totally pampered and spoiled!

We were there for 5 nights and it was the perfect retreat for Nicholas and I. It was a wonderful celebration of us going from the two of us to a family of three! I'd love to go back and bring Baby Worth with us now that he's here!

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BLovedBoston said...

What a perfect babymoon! We did PR in April as well, but not Vieques which we want to go back to! Bio Bay in Fajardo where we did it was a sight to be seen!! xo, Biana