Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Weeks Old

Worth is just over two weeks old! The last two weeks have gone by so fast - too fast! My tiny little baby is getting bigger and bigger each day. (He's almost grown out of his newborn clothes!) While I'm excited to watch him grow and learn and develop, it makes me sad too. I just want to savor every single moment and not forget a thing!

We went on our first "family walk" last night in the neighborhood. Nick, me, Cricket and Worth. It was such a gorgeous, warm summer night! We may have walked a little too far, since I was reminded by some aching at my incision line that I did have a C-section just over 2 weeks ago and am still healing (as much as I hate to admit, since I want to be up and at 'em).

Worth is just the sweetest little guy. He is very serious and has the best expressions. I wonder if he'll grow out of some of the expressions or if those are just "Worth faces" and he'll continue to make them as he's older. 

I love when he sneezes, then makes the cutest "Ahhh" sound after.

Since he was born frank breech, he was used to having his legs up by his head. They have straightened out quite a bit in the last 2 weeks, but he still has "froggie legs"!

Worth is a great eater! He was 7 pounds 14 ounces at birth, lost down to 7 pounds 3 ounces in the hospital and was back up to 8 pounds 3 ounces by his 2 week appointment! Breastfeeding has been going really well. Other than just general soreness the first week and a half, I think we've gotten the hang of it! He's a bit of a "grazer" but I secretly love the fact that I am the one who gets to make him full, happy and nourished, so I don't mind a bit.

When he's transitioning from nursing to full on milk coma, he'll close his eyes, raise his eyebrows, sigh, and then stretch out as far as his can with his arms above his head and his back arched. Cutest thing ever! I need to get this on video!

"A mother's love" really is a powerful thing. I didn't understand how deep it was until I laid eyes on Worth for the first time and it just washed over me. It's only getting stronger and combined with all the hormones, just looking into Worth's eyes can bring me to tears. I just love him so much and am so thankful that he's here and he's perfect.

Worth doesn't like laying on his back unswaddled. Every time I lay him on the changing table, his arms fly back frantically like he's falling backwards. He doesn't put them back far enough to feel the cushion, so he just waves them around erratically. When Nick is home, we'll tag team diaper changes... one of us does the dirty work and one of us holds Worth's hands so he's not "falling."

He loves his daddy!

I need to learn some lullabies! When I desperately needed a song to sing to little W, the only thing I could think of was "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. Nick and I will also sing "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon, but it's hard to get through that song without tearing up!

Worth is very alert and it's so amazing to watch his eyes focus on different things (Dad's hairline is his favorite!) and discover the world around him.

Worth's first trip away from home after the hospital was to Babies-r-us for some little boy clothes when he was 4 days old. He went to his first party (a baby shower) when he was 6 days old. And, his first trip to a restaurant was when he was 11 days old... Vine Street Pub and Brewery. He was very well behaved each time.

(6 days old)

(11 days old)

We're not totally sure yet who he looks like... we're thinking mom's eyes, nose, toes and hair and dad's mouth, head (97th percentile!) and eyebrows. His eyes are still more gray than anything, but I'm seeing more blue in them these past couple of days.

He loves to curl up on mom's chest - and I love it, too! I've probably kissed him over a thousand times in just two weeks. I'm dreading the day he won't want to snuggle and let me kiss him all over!

Sometimes when he's dreaming, he'll smile the sweetest little smile. What do newborns dream about anyway?!

His umbilical cord stump fell off when he was 13 days old (yes, this made me cry, too!). We've given him a few sponge baths, but haven't done a full bath yet. We'll give it a go this weekend.

Funny how the little things are so monumental the first time around, right?! And since everything with a newborn is brand new, you better brace yourself for what this blog will turn in to! :) These are the little moments I never want to forget!


Casey Drake said...

Love reading all your post and moments so far in these last two weeks! It really is such a special time! And I laughed at your comment about kissing him 1,000 times and you are afraid of the day that he doesn't want you to kiss him. Just last week Easton told me to stop kissing him all the time, and I asked him why, he said "I already know you love me mom, you don't have to kiss me to tell me" ! So sweet right.. so kiss away, they know they are loved! :) So happy for yall and as always your little family of three is beautiful! Pictures of the nursery next???

Lauren Kerschen said...

I am crying reading this. It is so beautiful. I cannot wait to experience all of these little moments with my baby girl. I know you are so in love and it just sounds so wonderful. He is so cute!!