Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Fun

This past weekend we had so much fun! On Friday, W and I walked to our neighborhood park (just under a mile away) to meet up with a group of other new moms in the neighborhood and their babies. We popped into the local coffee shop for a croissant and almond milk latte on the way. It was a gorgeous breezy day at the park and I had so much fun meeting the other new moms and talking shop!

We also had a fun lunch with Dad. We tried a new restaurant and it was so good! Even with a blowout diaper and an outfit change in the bathroom without a changing table, we still managed to have fun. :)

On Saturday, Worth and I made a shopping trip for some new little boy clothes. He's almost grown out of his newborn clothes (so sad!!), but the 3 month clothes are way too big. We got a mix of both newborn summery clothes and 3 month clothes for fall. It is so fun picking out itty-bitty clothes! Although, most of the time, W is just hanging out in his diaper or a plain white onsie at home!

5 weeks old and not too thrilled about his dinosaur toes!

Cutie pie!

Nicholas, Worth and I made a trip to Wash Park for a little stroll on Sunday. I remember walking around Wash Park when I was pregnant with Worth - I'd scope out all the moms' strollers and was excited for the day when I'd get to push my own baby around in our stroller. Now, here we are with our sweet boy! It's the little things that make me so happy!

Right around the time Worth turned one month old, things really started to click! I can finally get out of the house without it being a huge production. Well, it's still a production... stroller, diaper bag, Wubbanub, blanket, etc...but not a HUGE production like the first few weeks. I feel much more comfortable getting him in and out of the car, unfolding the stroller (those things can be tricky the first few times!), nursing in public and what not. I'm also physically feeling so much better following my C-section. I can walk a few miles and don't have any pain lifting the car seat and other heavy things.

I love my quality time with little Toots McGee during the day, but always looks forward to weekends when Dad's home from work! Hope everyone has a great week!

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