Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Worth is 3 Months Old!

The fourth trimester is over! Our little bitty baby is now smiling and holding his head up and sleeping less during the day and napping unswaddled. He started wearing Size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. He weighs about 13 lbs. 

He is still a little blondie and has a lot more hair on top of his head! He was born with a receeding hairline and it's finally filled in. His eyelashes are darkening up and know we can see them! 

Worth has started to notice himself in the mirror and it's so funny watching him "flirt" with that cute baby!

We had lots of firsts this month...
First airplane ride (Worth did GREAT and didn't make a peep!)
(Love these little toes!)

First trip to Texas to visit MaeMae and Pops

First time swimming

First trip to the beach!

First MLB game - the Rockies

He likes tummy time for about 60 seconds and then he HATES it. We're still working on that. :)

These last few weeks have been especially amazing and especially hard. Amazing because his little personality continues to grow and I love spending my days with him, but hard because I know I'm heading back to work soon and I won't get to spend as much time during the day with Worth. 
Sweetest little face ever!!
Beautiful boy - 11 weeks old

I love the way he still grips onto my finger and the sweet noises he makes while we're cuddling and I'm feeding him. He's growing up so fast - too fast! 

(10 weeks old in Texas)
This little guy doesn't stop moving! 90% of my pictures have blurs for arms and legs since he is just waving them around nonstop!

Worth also got to meet his great-grandpa, Dandy while we were in Texas. So special!

10 weeks old

Nick has had a couple business trips recently and I know it's hard for him to leave Worth. Worth and I do OK by ourselves, but we do love when Daddy is home! Cricket is actually way more difficult to take care of than Worth. She's so demanding! Nick (bless his heart!) takes care of Cricket when he's home, so when he's gone its a lot of extra work for me!
A beer and a baby cuddle is the best way to unwind after a business trip!

Tiner and Daver came to visit Worth! We watched the TCU game, went to a Rockies game, brunched, watched the blood moon and relaxed at home. 

12 weeks old!

I just love this little guy so so so so so so so much! I'm so happy to be his mommy!

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