Thursday, January 22, 2015

Baby Mead: Weeks 16 & 17

This was after a big meal...!

How far along: 17 weeks now!

Baby's Size: Baby is the size of an avocado at 16 weeks and an onion at 17 weeks!

Weight gain:  10 pounds total so far, but my doctor gave me the thumbs up to gain on the higher end of the 25-35 range, so I feel pretty good about it.

Food Cravings/Aversions: No more nausea which is awesome and most foods sound good again. I did have a random craving for a hot dog... I thought we were supposed to crave things that our body needed. Not sure what I needed from a hot dog.

Appointments: Had a great 16 week appointment with my doctor. We listened to the baby's heartbeat, and the rate was around 139. The also did a screening test for Down Syndrome and that came back negative.

Maternity clothes: Still rocking my regular tops and dresses, but mostly in maternity pants or stretchy leggings! I did buy a casual maternity top from Target because it showcases the bump, which I love and am very proud of! :) And, it's just long and super comfy.

Sleep: I suffered through a horrible cold at 17 weeks... and of course it was the same week Nick was traveling for work. So, it was just Cricket here to take care of me... and other than cuddles, she wasn't very helpful! I slept a lot during the day, but would toss and turn at night because of the sneezing, congestion and just overall yuckiness.

Gender: We aren't going to find out until the baby is born!

Movement: I think I've felt some kicks, but they're very sporadic and could easy be confused with digestion...

Symptoms: Feeling good other than the cold.

Best moment this week: All the good news at our doctor's appointment. So glad this little one is growing strong! Also, we decided to pull the trigger and booked one last vacation while it's just the two of us... we'll be heading to sunny Vieques Island, Puerto Rico in April. With all the snow lately, it'll be snow nice to head somewhere warm and tropical!

This is where we'll be staying...

Not too shabby, huh?! :)

Nursery: We've made some progress... it's gone from a storage room to a completely empty room! I've started to picture where I want to put everything... I need to make a budget or else this could probably get out of hand quickly!

Mood: Mostly, great! I did have a minor breakdown/pity party when I was home sick with a cold and Nick was out of town and Cricket was barking and threw up everywhere. That was not fun.

Looking forward to: Really feeling the baby move... 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby Mead: Weeks 14 & 15

Doesn't this hot tub look amazing!? I refrained, but Nick sure enjoyed it!

How far along: We spent the weekend between 14 & 15 weeks up in the mountains to celebrate Nick's birthday and New Year's. It was the same spot that we spent our last anniversary... Beaver Creek, CO. We love it up there!

Baby's Size: Baby is the size of a lemon at 14 weeks and an apple at 15 weeks!

Weight gain:  1-2 lbs this week - so far on track, which is a miracle considering the next section...

Food Cravings/Aversions: Pre-pregnancy I was all about savory, protein rich breakfasts... eggs, omelettes, breakfast burritos, etc... now it's all about the  CARBS! Bagels, fruit, oatmeal, croissants, cinnamon raisin toast.... French fries usually sound good, too, when nothing else does. Haha! 

Appointments: Next appointment with my OB is at 16 weeks!

14 weeks

Maternity clothes: Still rocking my regular tops and dresses, but 80% in maternity pants! 

Sleep: Sleep is interrupted about once per night for a little tinkle break, but otherwise, feeling much better and I have my energy back for the most part! I've also been having very random and vivid dreams. I try to tell Nick as soon as I wake up so I don't forget all the details... he thinks I'm crazy!

Gender: We aren't going to find out until the baby is born! And, we would be absolutely thrilled with either. But, for those of you who believe... the Chinese Gender Predictor says we're having a girl. :)

15 weeks
The bump is always a little bigger after I eat!

Movement: None yet from the baby, but I started working out again which has been nice. Started off slow with just a brisk walk on the treadmill, but looking to start yoga or something soon.

Symptoms: That darn heartburn has stuck around, but otherwise feeling great!

Best moment this week: Buying 3 baby books and relaxing by the fireplace in the mountains, catching up on our reading! It's the little things...

Beaver Creek Village

Nursery: It's still just a storage room... we have lots of work to do, but my "baby mead" Pinterest board is busting at the seams with the sweetest ideas! 

Mood: Excited to share our news. We waited to tell the world (aka. Facebook) until about 15 weeks. Now, I notice myself letting it slip out in conversation to complete strangers! I just can't help it!

Looking forward to: Getting started on the nursery... first, picking a paint color! We're thinking a light green.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baby Mead: Weeks 1-12

My first trimester of my first pregnancy is over... and, wow! It went by so fast. Before my "pregnancy brain" wipes away those memories, here is a little overview... 

How far along: 19 weeks now... but this is all about the 1st trimester!

Baby's Size: We started out the first trimester with a microscopic embryo and ended with a baby the size of a plum! Just over 2 inches and half an ounce.

Baby's First Picture

12ish weeks later...
So amazing, right?!

Weight gain: I don't really remember now, but I think around 5 lbs! 

Food Cravings/Aversions: My very first craving was chicken-fried steak with gravy. I ate it probably once a week for 5 weeks - I just couldn't get enough of it!!!! Until around 9 weeks, when I was at brunch with Nick's family and half the table ordered chicken-fried steak with eggs and YUCK! it looked and smelled so gross. I had to leave the table and go lay down in the car to keep from puking! Around that time is when most food didn't sound very good and I needed to keep something in my tummy, like crackers or gingersnaps, or else I would be queasy. I was also really into bagels with cream cheese and orange juice in the morning. 
Appointments: I had ultrasounds/appointments around 7 and 9 weeks along. I wrapped up with my RE around 10 weeks... it was bittersweet - I LOVED my nurse and doctor there! But, I was very thankful to "graduate" to my OB. My first appointment with my OB was right at 10 weeks and it was amazing to see how much the baby grew in just a few quick weeks!

Maternity clothes: I gained weight and was bloated right off the bat, so I welcomed maternity pants a little earlier than most! My GAP maternity leggings are the most comfortable things in the world. I also got a couple pairs of jeans (one with a demi-panel and one with a full panel) which were way more comfortable than my rubberband-rigged skinny jeans.

Sleep: Um, a lot. I could sleep for 8 hours, then nap for 5 during the day, and be ready for bed again at 8:30pm! I had no idea growing a baby was so exhausting! And it's still so small!

Gender: We don't know yet! However, I had a dream that it was a BOY. In my dream, I was getting an ultrasound and the tech said, "Congratulations! It's a Boy!" But, I didn't want to know. "Wait... you weren't supposed to tell us!!" Then the tech said, "I didn't say Boy... I said Joy... What a Joy!" Then, I woke up from my dream, because I probably had to pee. :)

Movement: None yet! 

Symptoms: My sense of smell was super-human. Nick was so amazed at the scents I could pick up! I also quite frequently had heartburn and would feel queasy on an empty stomach, but that was the worst of it! I only got sick one time - thanks to a whiff of Cricket's dog food first thing in the morning. Overall though, I can't complain!

Best moment this trimester: Wow, so hard to pick one moment. 
  • Sharing our wonderful news with our families and friends was so fun. We spent time with Nick's family over Thanksgiving in Iowa and my family came to Denver for Christmas! Everyone was so thrilled for us, which made us feel so special and even more excited. 
  • Hearing the baby's heartbeat the first time was such a sweet sound.
  • Baby waved at us during our 12 week ultrasound! 
Nursery: It's still just a storage room... we have lots of work to do, but my "baby mead" Pinterest board is busting at the seams with the sweetest ideas! 

Mood: A mix between disbelief and pure gratitude!

Looking forward to: A real bump! Not just a chicken-fried steak bump... ;)

The three of us near the end of the first trimester!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sharing the News & Our Christmas Card

Nick and I decided to use our Christmas card to tell our close friends that we were expecting! It was our first time having professional pictures taken since our wedding, and I loved the way they turned out. I was about 8 or 9 weeks when we took these pics. :)

We loved receiving all the calls, text and messages from our friends once our card arrived!

Photos by Brittany Hansen -

Monday, January 5, 2015

Finding out about Baby Mead

Before I forget about all of the amazing details of my pregnancy, I better journal them here!

First things first, finding out!

Nick and I always knew we wanted to have kids. We talked about it a lot after our first year of marriage and had it all planned out. We wanted at least 3, all 1.5 to 2 years apart... etc. etc.

Well, it turns out God had different plans and it took us almost three years of trying naturally and then fertility treatments to finally get that good news - we're pregnant!

We ended up trying IVF to conceive our little miracle. (I was really bad at documenting our IVF journey, but this video sums it up pretty well!) After lots of Doctor's appointments and medicine and blood draws, we finally got to the day where my blood test would tell us whether or not our little embryo decided to stick around and grow into a baby! With previous blood tests, I'd have my blood drawn first thing in the morning and then my nurse would call me around 3pm with the results.

So on the day when we'd be getting THE news, we decided to have a long leisurely brunch after my appointment to pass the time and keep us occupied. We had a delicious brunch at Jelly in Cap Hill and on the way home, my phone started ringing! OMG, it was the Doctor's office! But, it was only 11:00am, and they normally didn't call for several more hours!! Cue panic in the passenger seat of the car... I can't answer it!!

I wasn't ready to pick it up, so we let it go to voicemail.

Nick and I got home, took Cricket out for bit, came back inside and sat on the couch. We took a deep breath, held hands, and I played the voicemail from the nurse on speakerphone. We could immediately tell from the nurse's tone, even when she just said "Hi Lacey," that she had good news! Sure enough, the blood results were in and I was pregnant! We hugged and mostly just stared at each other and had this conversation about 5 times... Can you believe it? No, can you? Oh my gosh, I'm actually pregnant!

The next few weeks were so surreal. I still didn't feel pregnant. I really had no motherly instinct that early (or even for a few more weeks) that told me I was pregnant. It didn't feel different at all. Two weeks after that phone call (at about 6 weeks pregnant), I took a home pregnancy test just so I could see the results... yep, I'm pregnant! It's silly to say, but after seeing the test, it finally started to feel REAL. After all the waiting and trying and disappointments, we finally got the news we wanted!

We have a baby on the way, and we couldn't be happier!