Thursday, March 5, 2015

Baby Mead: Weeks 21, 22 & 23

How far along: 23 weeks

Baby's Size: 10.5 to 12 in and just over a pound!

Weight gain:  15 pounds so far. This mama is growing!

Food Cravings/Aversions: I've been craving olives, sweet tea, French fries and English muffins with raspberry jelly and butter! SO random. As far as aversions, I've been trying to stay away from anything that gives me heartburn... spicy foods and tomato-based foods.

21 weeks - Valentine's Day in Wash Park

Appointments: Our next appointment is on Monday! It should be a pretty quick one. No ultrasound this time. Last weekend, we took a tour of one of the two hospitals we're considering for delivery, Rose Medical Center. We saw the other hospital, St Joseph's, around Thanksgiving. They had just completely renovated the hospital and weren't open to the public yet. We're leaning towards St Joe's, but want to take a another tour now that they're open and operating just to make sure!

Maternity clothes: Yep! So much more comfortable and they fit so much better. 

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good. Just not getting enough! I need to start going to sleep earlier... morning comes way too fast.

Gender: Still a surprise!

Movement: The little one is moving around now as I type! Hi Baby!! I love you!!

Symptoms: Heartburn and backaches are my biggest complaints, and since that's it, I consider myself very lucky! Other fun things... I'm pretty sure I'm going to have an outie bellybutton. It's flat right now and this baby still has lots of growing to do! Also, my linea nigra showed up around 20 weeks. It's still light in color, but just an example of all the crazy things that happen to your body during pregnancy!

Best moment this week: I was warning Nicholas to get ready because I will probably get stretch marks... I've gotten them before just from fluctuations in my weight during high school and college. He said the sweetest thing in the world to me... "Your stretch marks will just remind me of how beautiful you look carrying our baby." Cue tears! What a sweetheart! Gosh, I love him.

Nursery: As with the rest of our home improvement projects, the nursery is a SLOW work in progress. We picked our paint color and primed the walls, but that made the trim look really dingy (because it is off white - see below pic). So then we painted the trim white, and we've yet to paint the walls! One of these weekends we'll get to it. We still have time, right?! 

Lots of work to be done!

22 weeks

We pulled up the carpet and were less than impressed with the condition of the hardwood floors underneath. Bummer. We've toyed with the idea of refinishing the floors on the whole first level and go with a dark stain, but for now, we've decided we have enough on our plate and we'll just put a big rug down in the nursery...

Am I crazy for wanting a cream-colored rug?
I think it would look so good, but would probably get dirty fast.

Mood: Happy, but busy, so feeling a little spread thin at times. I decided to try to knock out an HR certification test before Baby Mead comes, so I started taking a class once a week and have been studying a lot! I figured even though I'm busy now, there's no way I'd want to study when I have a sweet newborn to look after, so might as well squeeze it in! (What in the world was I thinking!?!) :)

Looking forward to: Finishing up our registry, visiting friends in Dallas in a few weeks and getting back to the gym! Nick and I have been sharing a cold for the last few weeks and we're both finally feeling better. I had been going to a Yoga Sculpt class at our gym before getting sick and I'm excited to get back!

Q&A: The question I get all the time, other than Do you know what you're having? and When are you due? is Do you miss alcohol/wine/happy hours? etc. Maybe I seemed to enjoy happy hours quite a bit before! :) Answer is, no, I don't miss it at all! Once the weather changes and it's warm, patio weather, I'll probably want a margarita or glass of wine, but so far, so good. 

I've also gotten a few questions on names... we're still undecided but have a handful of favorites. We've decided to keep them to ourselves though until Baby Mead is here and we've chosen the name. We do know that we'll follow my family tradition if it's a girl... no middle name, so the first name needs to be amazing! And if it's a boy, we'll likely use a family name.