Thursday, April 9, 2015

Baby Mead: 7 months!

28 weeks along on my 29th birthday/Easter Sunday!

How far along: 7 months, already. This pregnancy is flying by!

Baby's Size: Currently about 14 inches long and 1.5-2.5 lbs; the size of an eggplant.

Weight gain:  About 18-20 pounds so far... still on track, which is a surprise because I've been eating a ton! Pregnancy sure does put a different perspective on weight gain... it's a blessing that this little one is growing as expected, but it's still a shocker to see the numbers on the scale!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still craving Mexican food,  but that's not much different than pre-pregnancy! A couples weeks ago we went to Dallas to visit friends and I was so excited for Mexican food (specifically Tex-Mex... I just can't find that in Colorado), but I ended up with food poisoning or a 24 hour stomach bug (I felt horrible!) and we had to cancel our reservations for Mexican food. Such a bummer!

Appointments: Tomorrow is my glucose test where I get to drink a super sugary orange drink and get my blood checked! Wish me luck. :) We also toured the hospital where we were going to deliver this week and feel really good about our decision. On the tour, the guide said that they are a very popular hospital for babies and have about 4,000 babies per MONTH, haha. We all gawked at her and then she said, Oh, I mean 4,000 per YEAR! That's still a lot of babies, but WAY more reasonable than 4,000 per month. 

Maternity clothes: Absolutely!

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good. It's way more effort to flip over from my left to the right side and I'm loving my body pillow.

Gender: ??????? It's a surprise!

Movement: I can't tell how the baby is positioned, but the movement has gradually changed from strong jabs and kicks to more graceful waves and rolling. Such an amazing feeling and reminder of the little life growing inside of me. What a miracle!

Symptoms: After being sick for a day with food poisoning, I am so incredibly grateful to have had such an easy pregnancy so far with minimal nausea! Still battling the heartburn... if the old wives' tale about heartburn is true (if you have heartburn, your baby will be born with lots of hair), then I'm going to have a monkey! My belly button is half innie and half outie. 

Best moment this month: Just spending time catching up with friends and family. Nick and I visited our good friends in Dallas for a weekend and my parents came up to Denver last week to celebrate my 29th birthday and my mom's 60th birthday! (Our birthdays are 1 day apart.) 

Nursery: We have paint, a dresser, a storage/bookcase, a rug and ... A CRIB! The crib really made it feel like a baby's room. So exciting! Nesting has begun and I find myself sweeping and organizing and putting clothes away like never before! 

Mood: I find myself getting a little overwhelmed at times. Work, studying and going to classes for the HR certification, finding time to research doulas and pediatricians and childbirth classes and newborn photographers, working on the nursery, volunteering with Junior League, keeping the house clean, watering the plants, reading pregnancy books, travelling on weekends or hosting company... it's all fun and exciting stuff, but quite a bit to juggle. I've been feeling guilty for not being able to give everything 100%. I know I need to slow down on something (and will HAVE TO slow down soon), but responsibility is a top strength/characteristic of mine and it's hard to let things slide.

Looking forward to: Our birthday/babymoon vacation to Puerto Rico is next week! With how busy I've been (and Nicholas is just as busy!) we are both really, really, really looking forward to relaxing on the beach or by the pool and just taking a week to ourselves.

Q&A: A couple questions that I've gotten this month: 
Are you going to keep working after the baby arrives? Yep. I really enjoy my job and the lifestyle that dual incomes affords us. I think it's going to be very tough for me to go back to work though... I can already picture myself crying at work because I miss this little one that I haven't even met yet. But, we found a great daycare right across the street from our office, so at least I'll be close enough for a (few!) visits throughout the day. I'm planning on taking about 14 weeks off for maternity leave. 

Have you decided on names? I'm pretty much set on each a girl name and boy name. Nick agrees with the girl name, but hasn't come around on my choice for the boy name yet... so we have a little more pondering to do. And, we're still going to keep them to ourselves until we meet the baby and pick one for sure!