Sunday, November 15, 2015

Worth is 4 Months Old!

Last week, our little munchkin turned 4 months old and we had a full house here to celebrate. It was also Worth's baptism weekend so his godparents (his Aunt and Uncle) and our two nieces, and Nick's mom and her husband were all in town and staying with us!

Our little guy is still tall and skinny - he's in the 30th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height! He is developmentally on track and growing strong! He got his first cough/cold/congestion last week, but otherwise is a healthy little boy!

Worth started daycare this month. It was a lot harder on me than it was for him. We're just about a month in - he is doing great and it's getting easier for me. We both love his teacher, Ms. Hana. I, thankfully, have a lunch date with my little guy every day since the daycare is right across the street from work.

Worth's first day of school:
I cried a lot this day... Worth didn't shed a tear.

Worth rarely naps at school, but when he does he sleeps on a floor bed since it is a Montessori school.

I went back to work on Thursday, 10/8 and although my work week was only 2 days, I was SO READY for baby snuggles that Friday night.

14 weeks old.

Worth has become a pro at tummy time. We can even roll over from front to back and roll from back to side. He hasn't quite mastered rolling all the way over from back to front. His first time rolling over, he did it three times in a row, so I stopped swaddling him that night! (Then, he didn't roll over again for a week, haha!) He LOVED being swaddled though, so we had a hard time sleeping... then we had the 4 month sleep regression. Worth went from sleeping 6-7 hrs straight to waking up every 1.5 to 2 hrs. ZZZzzzzz... sleepy mama. Right when I went back to work, too!

At least even though I wasn't spending much time with Worth during the day, we got lots of cuddles at night. I don't want to jinx it, but the last two nights Worth has slept pretty well, so hopefully we're getting back into a rhythm with sleep!

He's also started to drool a lot, and put anything he can into his mouth. Although, he prefers chewing on my knuckles, his fist or soft cloths like his lovey or a burp cloth.

Worth celebrated his first Halloween this month! 
He was the world's most adorable pumpkin!

We got Worth an exersaucer and he doesn't bounce around in it yet, but he does like sitting in it (for about 15-20 min max) and grabbing onto the toys.

Our serious boy has been smiling a lot more. When you smile at him, he smiles back with the sweetest toothless grin! And he squeaks when he smiles sometimes, too. No laughs yet, but still adorable!

17 weeks old

Lunch with Grandma! (Notice the drool on her shirt... Lots of drool!)

We still love going on walks when we can. The weather changed these last couple of weeks, so now we bundle up for our walks. We got the JJ Cole Bundle Me as a shower gift and it's perfect for the stroller. Worth stays warm and cozy and just falls right to sleep!

Since I'm at work now, I'm spending a lot less time with Worth than before. It's been really hard on me and I'm hoping it continues to get easier. I just still can't get over how fast he's growing up and how fast time is flying. I get teary-eyed thinking about it. (Ok, maybe sometimes I sob uncontrollably thinking about it!) I just love him so, so, so very much and he is absolutely precious to me. I want to savor and cherish every single moment I can with him. I love our family and I love Nicholas and most of the time I love Cricket, too. We waited a long time for Worth to arrive and it's even better than I could have ever imagined. 

Happiest 4 months ever. xx