Sunday, February 21, 2016

Worth is 7 Months Old!

Our sweet boy is 7 months old! We are loving every second of it. Worth started army crawling a few days after he turned 6 months old... and he's FAST. We definitely can't take our eyes off of him for a second. 

One of the biggest changes is that Worth has been eating solids in the last month. We are quasi-doing Baby Led Weaning... Worth's first taste of food was pureed sweet potatoes, but we also give him whatever we're eating and we let him feed himself for the most part. His favorite foods are roasted carrots, pears, strawberries, broccoli and pizza crust.  He also loves rice flour teething wafers that we found at Target! His least favorite food has been.... gosh, I can't think of anything. Probably Salisbury steak, but he still ate some of it. It is so fun watching him eat and figure it all out. In the last month he has gotten way better at getting food into his mouth. It is still a messy process though!

Worth has been a great sleeper lately. We set a bedtime routine and have stuck with it, so I think that's helped. Dinner is at about 6:00-6:30p depending on what time we get home from work and if I already have something prepared. After dinner, it's bath time. Worth just moved out of his newborn tub and it sitting in a bath seat now. He LOVES it... he seems so proud of himself! He loves to kick his legs and splash around. 

After he's all cleaned up, it's time for jammies, songs and stories then his bedtime snack (mama's milk!). He's zonked out by 7:30p. Typically, he'll sleep until 6am and I'll pull him into bed with me for cuddles before it's time to get up for work and school. 

He sleeps on his tummy 99% of the time now... and lately, he's been sticking his booty up - adorable!

We've had some amazing weather this winter and have taken advantage of being outside when we can. Worth got Daddy this awesome hiking baby carrier for his birthday, and we finally had nice enough weather to try it out. We explored Red Rocks Amphitheater and a couple of the trails surrounding it.

Can you spot Nicholas, Worth and Cricket on the stage?

Twins in their bright blue!

Worth had a blast in the carrier. He loved looking around and was talking/yelling and blowing bubbles the whole time he was in there. It was hilarious. 

Our little Colorado native was a good luck charm for the Broncos this year... they won the Super Bowl! Worth was also lucky at squares... he won lots of money for his college tuition savings!

He gives the sweetest open-mouthed kisses!

My boys.

My little snuggle bunny! 
He doesn't sleep like this very often any more (tear), but when he does... all plans are cancelled and I don't move!

Worth and Cricket are turning out to be quite the pair! She is the sweetest with him! Cricket will let Worth pet her and play tug-o-war with her toys. She is very gentle with him and doesn't get territorial over her toys or bones at all. Worth is just obsessed with her. He looks for her first thing in the morning and will stop eating (or playing, or whatever) if he hears her walk into the room. Worth is just mesmerized by her. She is loving that he is eating solid foods and parks herself right underneath his highchair at dinner time!

I though for sure Worth was getting his first tooth this month... he's been drooling like crazy and was acting fussier than normal for a couple days. But, he still has a darling toothless grin. My favorite!

twenty-eight weeks old.

twenty-nine weeks old.

thirty weeks old.

thirty-one weeks old.

Worth's personality is really starting to shine. He's a happy, easy baby. He smiles and giggles at the most random things... especially loud noises that kind of scare him. He freezes for a second then just cracks up! The only time I've actually seen him scared/weary of something was toward our friend Bonnie's dog... a dachshund! He isn't scared of Cricket or Bear, another friend's giant labradoodle, but the wiener dog was apparently untrustworthy. Hah!

 The one thing guaranteed to make Worth smile: his Daddy! 
This little guy LOVES his Daddy.

No teeth yet!

While I do enjoy working and having the extra income, it has been so hard to have less time with this adorable pumpkin. The evenings go by so fast (especially with our 45 min to 1 hour commute home) and the weekends fly by. Working has made me really appreciate and savor every moment with this little guy. And, thankfully, I still go see him at least 4 days per week during lunch. Those extra 30 minutes of extra cuddles and nursing over lunch are so special!

Our crawlin', gigglin', eatin' 7 month old. 

We prayed and wished for this baby for a long, long time. 
And, although it was in His own time, 
God blessed us with the most amazing little boy. 
We are so thankful that he is ours.